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Community Manager

Enriching life for the many.

Cooking, eating, drinking, lounging. We believe everyone should enjoy these simple things in life. We want everyone to be a better cook. A charming host. A beloved friend. We want to enrich everyone's daily life. Every day. That’s our ambition. It is our mission to increase sales for the worlds’ top food retailers by changing their shoppers behaviour.

We are L. Founders of loyalty. 230 loyalty professionals, spread all over the globe. From Japan to Brazil and from Canada to Australia. As founders, we are united in our purpose: Enriching life for the many.

We help retailers, captains of the industry like Carrefour, Lidl and Ahold Delhaize, achieve their ambitions. To grow, build their brand or improve their position in the market.

Our short-term loyalty campaigns make consumers feel appreciated. It allows them to redeem high-quality rewards that they collect simply by spending their shopping money with our client. We do this with brands like Tupperware, Pyrex and Bosch. Or kids campaigns with Harry Potter, Playmobil and the Smurfs. Just to name a few.

And finally, we enrich life for each other. For founders. We promise to help you achieve your ambitions. Why do we know we can? Because we’ve proven to do so. Because we care, and we share. Because we are entrepreneurial and accountable. We make it happen. Together.

To facilitate our growth ambitions, we are looking for a Founder | Community Manager.
So, let’s talk about you!

L – founders club
Sharing is one of our four values. The most important one, if you ask marketing. That is why we have built L – founders club. Our digital home. Or our intranet if you will. This is where founders come together. 24/7, regardless of where they are in the world. The time has come to bring a dedicated community manager to our club. And that could be you!

Your 5 most important skills:
  1. Self-motivated to run independently.
  2. Experience in managing an internal, digital environment.
  3. Chaser, with a pit bull mentality.
  4. Highly organised.
  5. Exceptional communication skills.

And with a little bit more detail:
  • Pro-active personality. Self-motivated to run independently
  • Experience in managing an intranet or internal forum
    • Minimum of 7-10 years of experience
    • Fully responsible for content.
  • High standards. Delivers quality work.
    • Eye for great content.
    • Spelling errors are a no-go.
    • What doesn’t look good, must be improved.
    • What doesn’t work, must be arranged.
    • Pitbull mentality: (computer says) no is not the answer
  • Communication skills.
    • English on point.
    • Ability to cut large amounts of information down to bitesize chunks.
  • People skills.
    • Desire to help people bring their expertise across.
    • Collecting input from others, against a deadline, is an exciting challenge.
  • Where strategic view meets tactical talent.
    • Ability to understand the bigger picture and align content with it.
    • Connecting the dots.
  • Pro-active performance improvement based on numbers.

L is all about people & culture. You can rest assured that we will take good care of you!

So, how do you know you are a Founder?
It’s a mindset. If you want to enrich other people's lives. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and feel like a Founder. If you dare to take risk and learn from it. If you like to set new standards and believe in freedom and self-supportive thinking. And if you feel the need to take care of those around you. To help bring our ambition to the next level. We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

So, step in and be a Founder!

Let’s talk!

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